'O God, carry us in the ships of Thy deliverance, give us to enjoy the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee, make us drink at the pools of Thy love, let us taste the sweetness of Thy affection and nearness, allow us to struggle in Thee, preoccupy us with obeying Thee, and purify our intentions in devoting works to Thee, for we exist through Thee and belong to Thee, and we have no one to mediate with Thee but Thee!' Imam Sajjad ('A); Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya

Monday, 22 February 2010

3 Reasons why Salman Al-Farsi was called Salman Al-Muhammadi

[Amaali of Sh Tousi 1:133]

Mohamed Bin Yusuf narrated from Mansour bin Borzaj who said:
I said to Abu Abdillah Jafar bin Muhammad, 'O my master, you mention Salman Al-Farsi frequently.'
Abu Abdillah said, 'Do not call him Salman Al-Farsi. Call him Salman Al-Muhammadi. Do you know why I mention him frequently?'
'No' I replied.
Abu Abdillah said, 'For three reasons:First, he always used to give preference to the desires of the Commander of the Believers (as) over his own desires;
Second, he used to love the needy and choose them as his friends instead of the wealthy and powerful ones;
Third, he used to love knowledge and the knowledgeable ones.

Verily Salman was a righteous slave. He was an upright Muslim and he was not among the polythiests.'

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