'O God, carry us in the ships of Thy deliverance, give us to enjoy the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee, make us drink at the pools of Thy love, let us taste the sweetness of Thy affection and nearness, allow us to struggle in Thee, preoccupy us with obeying Thee, and purify our intentions in devoting works to Thee, for we exist through Thee and belong to Thee, and we have no one to mediate with Thee but Thee!' Imam Sajjad ('A); Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Eight instructions of a Sayyid to Ayatullah Marashi Najafi

One of our distinguished Maraje’ Sayyid Marashi Najafi who passed away some years back narrates:

When I was in najaf, I decided to go to Samarra on the maqam of Sayyid Mohammed (son of Imam al-Hadi (as); as I was going, I got lost, and since it was my first experience, I was hungry and hot, all I remember is that I fell unconscious, and when I woke up, all I could see was that my head was resting on the lap of someone who was pouring water on me and was a very handsome Sayyid.

He asked me 'Where are you going?'
I replied 'I was going to visit the maqam Sayyid Mohammed'.
He said but you are here already and I was shocked as to how I got to the place? How come I didn’t see it before when I was conscious.
The water I was given was so sweet and so pure.

I figured that this Sayyid isn't any ordinary Sayyid and that I must sieze the opportunity of being a salik to ask for a prescription (something to benefit for myself) for the benefit of this world and the hereafter.

The Sayyid who has been interpretated to be he Imam of the time (as) gave him eight (8) points and said before hand 'to consider and to take care of all these eight (8) points and you will be alright in this world and the hereafter:

- Recite Qur’an as much as you can

- Wear an Aqiq ring with names of the Ma’soomen, and also put it under the tongue of a dead person

- Be kind and respectful towards ones parents (dead or alive), do good things for them

- As much as you can you go to Hajj, go to Shrines of the Aimmah (as) often

- Respect the Sayyids and the offspring of the Prophet (saw) as much as you can, because one can respect the Prophet (saw) through this

- Do not forget Salaat al-layl, it is shame for those that relate it to us but they are themselves neglectful

- recite the Tasbeeh of Fatimah (as) as much as you can (even before one sleeps) and recite Ziyarat of Imam Husain (as)

- Read the sermons of the Ahl al-Bayt: regarding Fadak of Fatimah (as); of Shaqshiqeya of Imam Ali (as) in Iraq, and Sermon of Zaynab (as) in the court of Yazid.'

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