'O God, carry us in the ships of Thy deliverance, give us to enjoy the pleasure of whispered prayer to Thee, make us drink at the pools of Thy love, let us taste the sweetness of Thy affection and nearness, allow us to struggle in Thee, preoccupy us with obeying Thee, and purify our intentions in devoting works to Thee, for we exist through Thee and belong to Thee, and we have no one to mediate with Thee but Thee!' Imam Sajjad ('A); Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya

Friday, 23 May 2008

[Ultimate Love = Action = True Love]

...moments of reflection!

A traitor a deserved term, a foolish traitor perhaps a better one. For look at what has become to the oath of allegiance to Thee, a fallen leaf at the mercy of the wind, so weak, so vulnerable, that the cheap allurements of the material world is capable of purchasing our loyalty from Thee.

O the insult, to Thee and ourselves, that love can be compromised so easily, yet certainly love purchased is a love that never was. For how can it be love without loyalty to Thee? How can it be love when sincere time with Thee is all but minimal? And how can it be love when the actual yearning for proximity is to other than Thee? O we cry when others are unjust to our own selves, yet we commit the same crime to Thee!

O the betrayal, punishment therefore our deserved fate, yet forgiveness is Thou offer! How? To a traitor that will no doubt betray again, a traitor who turns to Thee in times of need while neglecting Thee in times of ease, yet Thou still helps! How? And how do we repay this undeserved reprieve? Do we stand before Thee shamefully? Or do we foolishly and audaciously abuse Thou Compassion with our continued neglect? O what a miserable condition an honest reflection unveils, that our declaration of love to Thee fails to move far beyond words.

moments of reflection...

True love begins when one ceases to put themselves before the object of their alleged affection. For otherwise how can it be love unless it is the love for the self? Yet where is the nobility in that? Surely love and nobility can only intertwine through self sacrifice. No amount of colourful words nor even intent can ever compensate. As what greater testimony of love is there if one has given the self away?

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